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About the Ashram

Visiting Ashram

Ashram is Place of Sadhana

Ashram is a place of Sadhana - (spiritual practice) - Tapas (austerity) - and also a sanctuary. 

This particular Ashram is completely non-commercial, there are no market activities whatsoever. We do not sell books, nor meals, nor accommodations, nor teaching, nor do we charge for classes. We don't even suggest a donation, although we are deeply grateful to accept one that is offered freely. We don't trade nor do we barter. We do not offer anything for something in return - whatever we offer comes from the heart of Love alone.

The Buddha was asked after his six years of meditation under the boddhi tree and his enlightenment, "What did you gain from your time in meditation?" He answered, "Nothing. But I can tell you what I lost - greed, hatred, anger, fear and delusion." This is also our purpose, neither Swami nor the Ashram serve any other goal. We do not wish to gain anything, we wish to be free of the lower tendencies, to live in the Light of Peace, and through our actions to shine this Light through the world.


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Our days are intentionally full; with meditation, prayer, singing of the Sacred Names, study and sharing, cooking and cleaning, selfless service, all practices that help us to lift ourselves up from the muck. 

If you are motivated to join us in this mission by all means please do! You can join us online, in writing or with a call, and also it is possible to visit. Visits to Ashram require an invitation - please contact We are literally "off the map". Google does not know the way here, Swami will need to give you directions. 


If you do wish to visit the best time to come is morning, joining us for 6AM Satsang, then a Yoga class at 8AM, then the 10AM brunch. You can also consider joining one of our gatherings in Silence or for Mothers, or perhaps at other times as well. 

Please join us in the mission of living in our True Self, in Peace, and in rehabilitating Peaceful action, Love and Kindness in the world.

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