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The Mission

Divine Grace Yoga Ashram is here solely to serve and support. Grounded in the teachings of Swami Sivananda, and all of the great masters, we have been guided to this community as instruments - in service to the One. Our goal is to support seekers of Truth on their paths towards integrated life in the Divine, or "Yoga".

Yoga, particularly classical Yoga underpinned in a lineage of the great Yogis, is a peace mission. Outer peace is only possible when enough of us have inner peace, in fact for each of us our journey here is only about coming into alignment with the great Peace within us. Everything that we seek, whether it be Peace, Love, Wisdom, Life, or Joy, is an inner quality - and is available to us when we do the inner work required to bring it to the forefront of our life.

Divine Grace Yoga Ashram shares the teachings of the Five Points and Four Paths of Yoga:

  • Five Points = Proper Exercise, Proper Breathing, Proper Relaxation, Proper Diet and Positive Thinking + Meditation

  • Four Paths = Raja Yoga (The mystical path of Meditation), Karma Yoga (Selfless Service), Bhakti Yoga (Devotion) and Jnana Yoga (Study of Vedanta and Self Inquiry)

The works that we are given consist of both community outreach and a monastic center. The Ashram itself is a place of silence and sadhana (spiritual practice), with an intense daily schedule fine tuned to focusing and quieting the mind, and to supporting the four paths as tools to dive in to the Divine Silence within. Our intent is to offer the opportunity for serious sadhakas (spiritual aspirants) to join us at the Ashram for a stay of some days or longer as a part of our committed monastic household at the same time as we offer proven and uplifting theory and practices in community outreach. Through grace we have been given the opportunity to serve with partners, such as ChocolaTree and AUMBase Studio in Sedona in order to touch and uplift the lives of community members through regular Yoga Asana / Pranayama classes and Satsanga. We intend to expand this outreach effort as we can.

Please join us! You are welcome to a Yoga class anytime, or to join us to chant, to meditate, and to serve. Please reach out to Swami Sankarananda any time with any questions that you might have, his contact information is below.

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