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Offerings in the Local Community

Our connection with the community is a cornerstone of our mission. In addition to our daily programs at the Ashram we offer:

  • "Soup for the Soul" each Wednesday evening at 5PM at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis

  • Chanting and Kirtan with Sangita each Friday, 1-3PM at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis

Due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, we have had to temporarily cancel some of our community programs.

Some of the Yoga Asana classes are offered on a "Donation Only" basis while some are subject to normal Yoga Center rates. Soup for the Soul is always free, at the Ashram or at ChocolaTree, and donation offerings are graciously accepted.


Please inquire for more information - we hope to see you soon! OM Shanti, Peace

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