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Colin Eldridge, Student of Permaculture and Yoga

"Learning permaculture has transformed how I see and live in the world. It has supported my Yoga practice and vice versa. Both practices have been beautiful ways to cultivate resilience, interdependence, and service to humanity and the planet."

Regenerate the Planet

Permaculture is an ecological design science that teaches us to work with, rather than against, nature's patterns and cycles. It involves a set of ethics and principles that help us improve any area of life; be it gardening, community, housing, relationships, work, land stewardship and beyond.

We believe that permaculture is complimentary to a Yogic lifestyle, where we seek to holistically heal both inner and outer landscapes.

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Connect with Nature

At Divine Grace Yoga Ashram, we strive to interact with nature in harmonious and respectful ways. We steward 11 acres of beautiful desert and riparian ecosystem. We compost all of our vegetarian food waste on-site and tend an organic garden. The ashram is a perfect place to connect with the beauty and peace of nature, as well as learn more about how to be a steward of the planet while providing for ourselves and future generations.


If you are interested in joining us in our service of the land, please contact:

(858) 859-0523

“Yoga is permaculture and permaculture is yoga life. Tune to the divinity in Mother Nature and be able to follow her direction daily. This is the formula to attain the state of 'permanent culture'.” 
-Swami Sitaramananda

Permaculture Programs


We offer the following permaculture programs:

  • Hands-on permaculture Service Opportunities

  • Permaculture Learning Gatherings

  • Permaculture Workshops


Please contact or (858) 859-0523 to learn more.


Additional Resources

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