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"Sounds are vibrations. They give rise to definite forms. Each sound produces a form in the indivisible world, and combinations of sound create complicated shapes. Repetition of a Mantra has a mysterious power of bringing about the manifestation of the Divinity, just as the splitting of an atom manifests the tremendous forces latent in it. When a particular Mantra appropriated to a particular god is properly recited, the vibrations so set up create in the higher planes a special form which that god ensouls for the time being. The repetition of the Panchakshara Mantra - Om Namo Sivaya - produces the form of Lord Siva. The repetition of Om Namo Narayanaya, the Ashtakshara Mantra of Vishnu, produces the form of Vishnu."

~ Swami Sivananda

At Divine Grace Yoga Ashram chanting is an integral part of our spiritual practice - one of the most important ways that we serve the Divine through focusing the mind on Divine sound forms - Mantra. All of these are practices of Bhakti Yoga, or devotion:​

Kirtan, or Sankirtan - Typically chanted as "call and response", we center in an integrated practice of listening and coming in to the heart to offer our voice in devotion to the Divine in all.
Japa - Repetition of a particular mantra over and over as discussed above in Swami Sivanandaji's quote. This practice brings the mind to a state of absorption and single pointedness, allowing for direct experience of the Self.
Japa Meditation - repeating mantra in the mind, silently, while focusing inwardly at the Silent Witness of all.
Likita Japa - repetitive writing of mantra, bringing the entire body in to the practice.
Mantras for Peace and Protection - in the tradition there are many mantras, some short and some long, chanted as a high vibrational, or thought-wave, offer to a suffering person, or to the world, etc.

Please join us to chant - either here in the Ashram or via Facebook Live. We chant during both morning and evening Satsangs, we chant for Peace at 7PM every day, we chant at the beginning of each class - and the committed Yogis have a personal mantra which typically occupies and focuses the mind during all daily activities.


We now broadcast the morning Satsang on Facebook Live, if you are unable to join us in person then by all means join us there. To the right is the chant book that we use, please use it to follow along.May all know Peace, the Divine Self, and may all experience the great power of chanting Mantra!

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