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Mind, Mind Management & Raja Yoga

  Mind, Mind Management & Raja Yoga is the source text that we use in this seven-part study of the mind. This book details the mind and mental functions from a Yoga psychology perspective. It describes how the yoga sages see the mind and how to better understand it as instrument for moving from bondage to freedom.

  In this study, Swami walks us through the book and provides commentary to help us more deeply understand the material being presented.

This series is free and available to view:  

Mind, Mind Management & Raja Yoga on YouTube.

We hope that you join this study and that it may be of benefit.

Additional book details:

  written by Swami Niranjananda Sarawati

  Bihar School of Yoga and Yoga Publications Trust.

  eBook and printed copies are available here, but not a requisite for the study.

Study Opening Invocation (the Sahanā-Vavatu): 


Om Sahanā-Vavatu, Saha Nau Bhunaktu
Saha Vīryam Karavā-vahai
Tejas Vinā Vadhīta Mastu, Mā Vidvishā-Vahai
Om Shānti, Shānti, Shāntihi




May That protect us both, teacher and disciple. 
May That cause both to enjoy the Bliss of Liberation. 
May we both exert to find out the true meaning of the Scriptures. 
May our learning be brilliant. 
May we never quarrel with each other. 
Om Peace, Peace, Peace



Pilgrim's Gita by Swami Sankarananda

Free eBook download options:
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