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Thought Power Study

"If you knew the power of your thought you would never think a negative thought again." 

~ Peace Pilgrim

  Here, we study the teachings of Swami Sivananda found in his book - Thought PowerThe text within describes the process of changing one's thoughts to alleviate suffering and experience God realization. Thought Power provides a psychological framework and then practical guidance to change thoughts for the better.

  The paperback version is available. eReader versions are available either for free (ePub / PDF) or nearly free (Kindle). An audiobook version is also available.

  This page provides a variety of resources to assist in this study including Peace Swami's chapter by chapter exploration in 31 recorded talks:

  Thought Power Study on YouTube.

   In collaboration with Thought Power Study, Peace Swami offers studies on Positive Thinking. Peace is the prize that we seek. Through seeing and uplifting our thought, we may know and reside in that peace. Thought is both what binds us to suffering and what frees us. That which binds is called "negative" thought and what which frees and uplifts us is called "positive".

  In these two modules, we explore cultivating positive thoughts.

  Positive Thinking Module 1 (YouTube)

  Positive Thinking Module 2 (YouTube)

  The condensed cheat sheet:

  16 Techniques to Transformation through Changing Thought Culture

  The expanded presentation follows: 

Summary of Tools and Approach to Positive Thinking

Finally, a version of Thought Power that you can browse on this site:

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