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Swami's Pilgrimage Home

"You're going to die in the desert."
  - mysterious Samaritan in Brawley, California.

As I started this journey, I had no conscious thoughts about God, or of becoming a monk, or of walking across the USA on a pilgrimage for peace. Certainly, it’s safe to say none of this ever crossed my mind. And yet here we are, chatting about these very things. Amazing.


What started with no goal other than happiness finally led to achievement of the only worthwhile goal; that which once found ends the urge to continue searching. And achievement of that goal, as we shall discuss here, was actually the end of "me". I realize now that I had always been searching, as we all do. Not knowing our goal exactly but seeking happiness, we journey in this world.

With this book I tell a story of my journey; what finally became a story of learning about and then serving Truth. I will do my best here to share some of what has inspired me, some of my experiences, interpretation of these experiences, and finally, lessons learned from the journey.


I pray this will be of benefit for you. Though some philosophy is touched on, this is not a book of philosophy; there are much better books for that and I am happy to refer you to some of them. This is a conversation, and I hope that we may have a great, insightful talk.


Many asked me if I kept a journal on this pilgrimage. In fact, I used Facebook posts to journal, sometimes daily, sometimes more frequently, sharing openly with those whom I’ve had the gift of meeting along the way. These posts and a selection of the photographs I was allowed to take have been used to tell much of the story of this pilgrimage to date. To these I’ve added commentary to help with perspective. Likewise, I share insight which has come since the time of their initial writing.

God bless you - may all know Peace, may all find the way Home.

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