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Swami Sankarananda Saraswati  (Peace Swami)


Swami Sankarananda is a simple pilgrim of peace and a servant of God in our path of awakening to the One Truth. Living much of his adult life as a businessman in the tech industry, he realized the selfish pursuits were meaningless and through grace came to the pursuit of God, or highest Self. Having given up his old life, he dedicated his new life to service of this Self in all. In 2012, Swamiji renounced his worldly way of life and traveled to the Himalayas, receiving darshan and life guidance at the feet of Swami Premananda and Swami Ramaswarupananda, disciples of Swami Sivananda. He took initiation as a Sanyassi, or monk, in 2013. 

During his time in India, he received Divine Guidance to walk pilgrimage. Having been inspired by the life and teachings of Peace Pilgrim, he chose to follow her footsteps in traveling on foot and in faith, asking for nothing. Starting in 2013, he walked coast to coast, and continued to walk 7,000 miles across the United States over a period of 2 ½ years. He shared parts of the journey on social media and also documented the process in his book “Pilgrimage Home”.   When asked about the inevitable challenges that must have been experienced in such a pilgrimage, Swami smiles and shares, “really the only problems which I have ever encountered were in my mind”.

In 2016, he completed the walking pilgrimage, and continued to travel in a donated motorhome named “Prema” (“Divine Love”). Today he resides in West Virginia and continues traveling to meet with spiritual aspirants who have invited him into their communities. As he tours the U.S., he offers talks, workshops and retreats in the same spirit of pilgrimage, including the “Be Still and Know” Silent Retreats held at various Yoga studios and spiritual centers across the country. 

Swami is supportive of Yoga in all of its aspects and flavors; while striving to hold to and honor his lineage he also honors all lineages, all teachers and saints of every tradition. He is grateful for all who are involved in the propagation of Yoga, including all of those who play stewardship roles and all who are just learning and beginning their practice. He wishes to actively support and encourage all in their paths to discover the highest human potential within us.

Whether it be through pilgrimage, through retreats, workshops and satsangs, through providing individual counsel, through gifting spiritual books, or through offering a smile and kind word to a stranger — Swamiji continues in offering his life to do his best at embodying the guidance to Love All and Serve All.

May all beings be happy and at Peace. 

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