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Study with Swami

Swami's Courses and Talks

Swami's YouTube channel  

A collection of special talks, series and workshops. We suggest beginning with this playlist of selected talks. 

"Pilgrimage Home" - Journey to the Heart

Swami's book - the story of his journey to the universal heart and a sharing of the lessons learned along the way.

"Bhagavad Gita" study

Practical guidance on how to bring one's life into Harmony and abide in the Bliss within.

"Mind, Mind Management and Raja Yoga" study

From a Yoga psychology perspective, we explore the mind and how to use it as an instrument for moving from bondage to freedom.

"Thought Power" study

How to transform one's thoughts in order to get ourselves out of the way of that which we seek. 

"Crest Jewel of Discernment" study

Exploring the path to God through knowledge. 
Playlist on YouTube. 

Online Video Meet-Ups

Getting together virtually to share and study.

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Getting in the Loop

Swami also offers his yogic insights on social media. To tune into those and find out more about his teaching schedule, Get in the Loop.   

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