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A Sacred Practice

Chanting is an integral part of spiritual practice - one of the most important ways that we serve the Divine through focusing the mind on Divine sound forms - Mantra.
Kirtan is the singing and chanting of sacred names and mantras.

chanting by oak creek


Ramananda, Bhakti Wala

The path of bhakti (devotion) was the key to the door of home, I always longed for. In its true form, it is the most perfect medicine. This path of devotion: chanting the names, saves me every day! Purifying what arises from diminishing thoughts, to the chattering monkey mind of doubt, worry, and fear.

There is no better gift I have received on this Earth, thank heavens for the eyes to see such beauty in the here and now, and the most beautiful experience of the True Self, vibrating pure unadulterated bliss.

Many beings, as they approach, may confuse themselves thinking we are praying towards something, when the truth of the matter is we are revealing that which is within.

Bhakti Yoga

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All of these are practices of Bhakti Yoga, or devotion:​

Kirtan, or Sankirtan - Typically chanted as "call and response", we center in an integrated practice of listening and coming in to the heart to offer our voice in devotion to the Divine in all.

Japa - Repetition of a particular mantra over and over as discussed above in Swami Sivanandaji's quote. This practice brings the mind to a state of absorption and single pointedness, allowing for direct experience of the Self.

Japa Meditation - repeating mantra in the mind, silently, while focusing inwardly at the Silent Witness of all.

Likita Japa - repetitive writing of mantra, bringing the entire body in to the practice.

Mantras for Peace and Protection - in the tradition there are many mantras, some short and some long, chanted as a high vibrational, or thought-wave, offer to a suffering person, or to the world, etc.

The DGYA chant book includes kirtan and chants from multiple traditions in Sanskrit, English, Hebrew, and other other languages. We regularly chant from this book.

Enjoy this free PDF for your own practice. We also have printed copies for to provide.

"Kirtan is an exact science. It elevates the mind quickly and intensifies the Bhava or divine feeling to a maximum degree. Sankirtan Yoga is the easiest, quickest, safest, cheapest and best way for attaining Self-realization in this age." 

~ Swami Sivananda

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