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Swami Sankarananda Saraswati

 -- the ashram's resident teacher 

I am a simple peace pilgrim. This is a statement of grace. I was so much, rather thought myself to be, but through grace all of this has been stripped away, leaving a simple life of service. This Ashram, this body and this mind are servants, and are here for the purpose of serving the Lord's mission and your own real purpose in coming here to this physical plane - supporting your path to your own immortal, divine Self.


After having experienced the grace of inner peace, having surrendered to God, lived with and been guided by Yogi disciples of the great saint Swami Sivananda Saraswati in the Himalayas, and having traveled the USA for nearly five years, now I have been asked to tend to this desert oasis called Divine Grace Yoga Ashram. This space is also simple, its mission is the same as I've been given since coming back to the USA in 2013 to begin a walking pilgrimage across the country. Peace is the mission, Peace is the prize. Peace is within, and can be known without only when it is known within.


I met many of you, amazing souls all, while walking, or while driving around the country in Prema, the "Yoga for Peace" RV. You have invited me in to your homes, your parks, churches, temples and yoga centers, and we have meditated and chanted for Peace together. We have experienced the Self of all, and we have shared guidance and tools that the masters and sages give to us. These travels have been amazing, you have welcomed me completely - truly your love and kindness are astounding. This same kindness and love beat in the heart of all, and you glow with it.

Now the Lord has asked me to do the same, to extend Her grace to you, to share in this same Divine Life. The real life is the life in Peace, the life honoring Peace, the life sharing the wisdom which brings us to the great Peace. This is what Ashram experience is about. Ashram is holy, it is a place of Sadhana (spiritual practice), it is a place which helps us to know and radiate in our own glorious and immortal Self.

I'm here to support you on your path. If you feel that I can be of support, please contact me at

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